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Services and Fees

I generally work with Someone who would hire me as a personal assistant taking entire control or as much as I could of their social media campaigns and to over see their private social networking. Not be involved in their private life, but to make sure I knew what their profiles were and so I could make their posers go poof! Also to prevent leaks to the sneaky media when they may be unwise about who they are sharing what to.

I generally work between 60 to 80 hours a week. I can work in San Francisco or  Los Angeles orNew York and Travel with different Tours or Sets depending. I work on Salary plus Travel Expense and Living Expense Depending on the Situation. 

I am available for immediate hire. Please contact me by phone at 408-406-7221 or at 
I would use my 20 years of technical experience to build amazing fan pages and public personal pages help make secure private pages and keep up with all the security changes to all of the 80000 different networks there are out there. So while helping take care of the reputation and image I am also looking for the fowl players and getting rid of the posers.

I’ve always been a first adapter to technology and body guards have always been a part of the “entourage” give it another year and people like me will be common.

Most people think oh that’s a no brainer job right? It’s not, Because not only can celebs careers be taken down by the online media (80 percent of what people know about Celebs or perceive about them is online) Facebook is larger than the internet was in 2004. 99% of the most wanted demographic in television and music uses social networking and social media. Facebook takes no effort in doing any sort of verification, or really any effort to protect people from people from pretending to be celebrities and really

But it’s not a job that you just go around and report profiles, you report them, you have to fill out forms that report the user is violating copyright laws and hope and pray that they will suspend their IP from being able to log in. With a high tenacity threats such many many i’ve witnessed it takes, tracing their IP, talking to their internet service provider, cease and desist letter’s and/or talking to the authorities would be the proper authorities and then sometimes you have to go through long trial’s its not unheard of. Scarlett Johansson is going through one right now. People want to pretend it wont happen to them until it does.

It’s a shame that people see social media outlets as just that– not people behind those profiles. I wont go into that, I wrote a masters thesis on this but anyway there are so many wrong things that could happen with any one of a celebrities face or to a celeb. Stalking (someone committing suicide at Paula Abdul‘s house?) It seems that the face of the nigerian lottery scams have moved into facebook with celebrity faces convincing people to give them money. The thing people were horrified at the thought of on Myspace the phantom sex offenders but this time sex offenders have easy ins, they can pretend to be anyone because facebook doesn’t care. Let’s not forget the horrific cyber-bullying that has left suicides more and more as time goes on because the bullying does not stop at the doorstep. This social networking is deeply personal and when you are interacting with your favorite “celebrity” there is something deeply personal about that any number of things can go wrong. It’s not just about celebrities having posers it’s about what those posers are wanting to accomplish by assuming those identities. If facebook and any number of social networks aren’t going to do anything about it, there are people like me who can!

So if you are a VIP with an intern who has no idea how these things work, who doesn’t have more of an idea about human psyche with a combination in technology. Who does the bare minimum. Who can’t think out the box. Who doesn’t think that social media will be what makes and breaks your career within the next few years, especially with how you interact with your fans on facebook. Then you are two years behind where you should be.

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