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Gone catfishing

January 18, 2014

If you didn’t know

Hilarious Dating Exploits of a Nice Girl in Menver

My co-workers and I were talking about catfishing today (the internet kind). One of my colleagues who likes fishing explained the analogy to me. Apparently, when you catch a catfish, it flails around and fights a lot on the line and makes you think you have caught a really big, awesome fish. Then you reel it in and feel disappointed that you just caught a stupid catfish. And it is ugly.

So, I went on my first online date in a while last week. I got a message from this guy, he seemed smart, could type in complete, grammatically correct sentences (a rarity these days, it seems) and wanted to go out for coffee. Of course, he first wanted to have a long ass phone conversation with me. I have discovered that this is a favorite move of the catfish. Make them like you for your personality so they will…

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