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What I do In Short

October 10, 2011

I don’t just get rid of posers by reporting them.

* as a paid professional I go after them for copyright infringement so they cannot ever log on to facebook again.

* If that doesn’t work I try to find their internet provider and try to have their internet shut off.

* IF that doesn’t work I start to go the legal route with Cease and desist letters and then we start going down law enforcement and FBI.

Many people do not understand that the reason they have so many posers is because they do not have a good control over their overall social media campaign. So I will tend to do the overhaul of the entire thing, keep it updated so that the posers can’t keep up.. make it very interactive so the fans aren’t disappointed and start to seek other posers.

Then I will make sure to secure the clients own social network, make sure that they aren’t accidentally venting to people that may be leaks to the media. that they aren’t indeed friending a lot of posers. make sure that they know every person on their friends list and that their security settings are always current with the latest.

I tend to spend 60-80 hours a week doing this.

This is not a stepping stone to being famous. I do not want fame. I don’t want to be known. I don’t have a reel, a demo, a headshot to shop. This is what I like to do.  I will keep your social network going while you are doing your work, keep it going while you cannot and help you do things with your fans that are current with the technology available so you are not TWO YEARS BEHIND. Your Fans expect you to be as current as they are. That’s what I am.

These are the stats

80% Percent of what YOUR fans perceive of you is what they see online

Facebook is bigger than the entire internet was in 2004

99% of the 18 to 24 Demographic is on a social network of some kind

IF you are going to do a social media campaign..Do it right, or don’t do it at all.Facebook is meant to be interactive if you don’t have that ability or time to do so, then you need to have someone with you that can.

Or you can RUIN your image and reputation. That is why I call it image and reputation security but I have 20 years in social media expertise.

I am available for immediate Hire. Contact me via Telephone or Email to Speak Further.





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